kitchen organization

January 11, 2012

One of your New Year’s Resolutions might be to get more organized. It seems we all say this at least once a year… “if only I was more organized then…”

Well we’re going to show you an example of a hauthaus kitchen design and organization notes. Below you can see a floor plan of a kitchen; we met withe client and used our imagination to ‘take out’ all of the pieces in her current kitchen and ‘put them away’ into her new kitchen. We wanted to make sure that the new kitchen will be well organized and that it will work for her and how she specifically uses her kitchen.

A few notes about the plan:

  • You can see that we kept a large storage space for her kids’ school stuff; papers, lunch bags, supplies, etc. They are stored away in baskets on adjustable shelves. Each kid has their own basket.
  • The Wolf range is located on the center of the left wall. Since the client is right handed, we put her cooking utensils and spices on the right. The upper cabinets to the left of the range are hinged so that you can access them both from the range without having to maneuver around open doors.
  • We designed a specific spot for the KitchenAid mixer to always sit on the counter. The upper corner cabinet will continue all the way down to the counter top and act as a mixer ‘garage’. Her baking utensils and mixing bowls are located in that corner as well on the lazy susan.
  • There is a designated breakfast prep spot on the right side of the kitchen. This will allow the kids to make their own breakfast while staying out of the kitchen work triangle (the space between the sink, range and fridge).

Here is a drawing of the wall with the range; you can see how we called out where the pieces will be ‘put away’.

Will you be re-designing your kitchen in 2012? If so, hauthaus can help! Give us a ring!

Wolf appliances

April 15, 2011

The thing that made third kitchen different from the others in the previous blog, was that it didn’t have a Wolf range!

Wolf trademark red knobs. (photo from Wolf/ Subzero website)

Wolf ranges and range tops are recognized all over because of their trademark red knobs. Wolf offers many cooking appliances, from gas and electrical ranges to microwave drawer solutions to outdoor grills. Their products really enhance the cooking experience.

You can see all of your favorite Wolf appliances at a beautiful Roth Distributing Showroom. To find the one nearest to you, click here.  Their staff is uber knowledgeable and eager to help you. They hold events each month that include a Use and Care Class and a Product Demonstration. Each of these events are fun and when you attend, you are in for a treat – they bring in a local chef to cook up some delicious treats for you!

On the Wolf website, you can even find out what your own personal ‘kitchen profile’ is.  It’s great! Just answer 7 easy questions about you and your cooking style and they will match you up with your Kitchen Profile and also give you suggestions on which Wolf appliance might be right for you. It’s easy and fun! Try it here!

Remember hauthaus when you start your next kitchen remodel! To see some of our previous kitchen projects, visit our website:

Wolf appliances. (photos from Wolf website)