it’s grilling time!

April 29, 2011

Yesterday, the lovely staff at Roth Distributing put on a special event showcasing the (relatively new) Wolf outdoor grill. As always, the food and the company was delightful! Here are some of the product highlights from the afternoon…

The stainless steel hood has a spring assist that makes it open and close with ease. It is double walled so you won't get any discoloration on the outside of the hood.


For more information on Wolf outdoor grills, go to:
To see a Wolf grill in action, check out Roth Distributing’s showroom in Minnetonka:

The 36", 42" and the 54" model feature an infared burner that offers the chance for that perfect sear every time!


Thick stainless steel grates retain and radiate more heat for even grilling and they give you that restaurant style sear marks. Along with being super efficient at heating, they are also really easy to clean with the grill brush that comes with your grill.


Wolf introduced the outdoor grill 2 years ago, but don't worry. Wolf and Subzero manufacture all of their products to last 20+ years! That's a lot of grill time!


Wolf has truly thought of everything with their grills! They installed dual halogen lights inside the hood so you can grill at night!


Wolf appliances

April 15, 2011

The thing that made third kitchen different from the others in the previous blog, was that it didn’t have a Wolf range!

Wolf trademark red knobs. (photo from Wolf/ Subzero website)

Wolf ranges and range tops are recognized all over because of their trademark red knobs. Wolf offers many cooking appliances, from gas and electrical ranges to microwave drawer solutions to outdoor grills. Their products really enhance the cooking experience.

You can see all of your favorite Wolf appliances at a beautiful Roth Distributing Showroom. To find the one nearest to you, click here.  Their staff is uber knowledgeable and eager to help you. They hold events each month that include a Use and Care Class and a Product Demonstration. Each of these events are fun and when you attend, you are in for a treat – they bring in a local chef to cook up some delicious treats for you!

On the Wolf website, you can even find out what your own personal ‘kitchen profile’ is.  It’s great! Just answer 7 easy questions about you and your cooking style and they will match you up with your Kitchen Profile and also give you suggestions on which Wolf appliance might be right for you. It’s easy and fun! Try it here!

Remember hauthaus when you start your next kitchen remodel! To see some of our previous kitchen projects, visit our website:

Wolf appliances. (photos from Wolf website)

We’ve all see that segment on Sesame Street where the kids all sing, “One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong. Can you tell me which thing is not like the others, by the time I finish my song…” And then they flash 4 pictures on the screen for you to spot the misfit. Well here’s our take on that…

We’ve posted 4 photos of kitchens we have remodeled… Can you find which one of these is not like the others?

Hint #1: it doesn’t involve cabinet design or wood species.

Hint #2: it doesn’t involve the flooring material.

On Friday (before the mounds and mounds of snow fell) we, along with fellow designers Brooke Voss and Martina Willegalle, competed in a cookie bake at the Wolf/ Sub Zero showroom, Roth Distributing.  Our cookie of choice: Ina Garten’s Ginger Cookies!

We had a fantastic time baking and decorating our cookies in their state-of-the-art kitchens.  Here are some of the pictures from our afternoon of baking:

(Top to bottom: One of the beautiful kitchens at the Roth Showroom in Minnetonka; our lovely “Team Spice”; the delicious ginger cookies with frosting in the shape of very stylish lamps; all of the cookies from all 3 teams along with the lamp from Collection on 5 and a table cloth made of F. Schumacher fabrics that served as our inspriation.)

For the recipe we used, click here!