Another color that has been popping up everywhere is: violet. And I mean violet in all shades! You have eggplant, lavender, orchid,  aubergine and many more…

This color cousin is comforting, serene, and timeless; it acts as a good neutral without being brown, grey or camel. It is good staple that will surely be around for awhile. 

Feng shui suggests that this color is good for physical and mental healing, as well as bringing spiritual awareness. This might be one of the reasons why we are drawn to this color given the current events.

Especially moving into fall, be on the look out for eyeshadows and lipsticks leaning toward a more violet hue.  This color trend is evident in everything from make-up to clothing to cars!

The fabrics I have highlighted here are from KDR Showrooms and the tile samples are from Fantasia Tile at IMS in Minneapolis.

cheers, amber