Family Room AFTER 1

Things to note when visiting the Family Room in the ASID Showcase House…

-The blue chairs, arc lamp, and nook lamp are all sourced locally at Spinario Design

– The sofa was custom designed and made for the family by a local company in MN that uses all MN hardwoods in their furniture framing. The sofa is 10 feet long!

– The wall of cabinetry was constructed by Eastvold Custom. The design is a take on the Bauhaus design movement. The back-painted blue glass panels in the cabinets actually slide for storage versatility.

– The ottoman was also built by the MN furniture maker and Eastvold made a beautiful walnut slide to go over it to make it a very functional piece.

Family Room AFTER 2

– The screens you see by the stairs were cut by Eastvold with a CNC machine in the same pattern as the fabric on the ottoman.

– Our furry friend- the Furlicious Bean Bag- adds a layer of softness and whimsy.

– The custom game table by Eastvold is a show stopper. Where did the chairs go?!  The chairs can all push into the table… the chair backs form the apron of the table. It is a great space-saver, and the chairs are quite comfortable.

– The Stark shaggy rug adds another dimension to the room and invites kids to get down on the floor to play.

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