A couple more weeks have passed since our last project update . Check out the latest improvements on our project in Edina…


Top: Here is Izzy's bedroom earlier this summer before the windows went in. Bottom: This week her built in bookcases and bench were installed. What a great spot to sit and read!


Top: The upstairs family room before the fireplace surround and bookcases. Bottom: Jeff is working on installing the custom bookcases and mantle.


Top: This shows the wonderful in floor heating system in the master bathroom. Bottom: This week the tile and cabinets are going in! It's going to be beautiful!

We’ll have more to come shortly…  This week granite is getting installed, paint will be started, the wood floor should get stained and much more.  
The family is looking forward to being able to move in around Thanksgiving!

100% made in america house

October 13, 2011

It’s simple. Buying locally is the smart and right thing to do.  You get a great American-made product AND you are supporting your local economy…

Well wouldn’t it be great to do that on your next home remodel/ new build project?

Think of all of the parts and materials that go into a house; nails, studs, wiring, flooring, lighting, etc. One builder in Montana is thinking outside the box (and inside the USA) on his latest new build project. He is sourcing EVERYTHING in the home from the US. How fantastic!

The builder was able to find everything he needed for construction within 33 of the 50 US states.

Check out the video here: http://news.yahoo.com/video/business-15749628/home-completely-made-in-america-26889271.html

He says that if builders used just 5% more American-made products in their projects about 220,000 jobs could be created right now!

So, builders, contractors, and designers, are we up for the challenge?! I think yes!

The USA made nails cost $5 more a box than the Chinese made nails, but the construction crew found that the USA made nails jammed the nailgun far less often.