When it comes down to all of the nitty-gritty details in your home during a remodel or if your building new, it’s great to have a qualified interior designer in your back pocket to study and go over all of these details both large and small.

For example… did you know that when installing a fireplace there are lots of dimensions, tolerances, and rules of what can go where?

One reason to hire an interior designer: there are LOTS of details that go into a home project!

This is just ONE page  from ONE of our graphic standards and interior codes books that has 550+ pages in it!
Now that’s a lot of details to go over!!!

we love happy clients!

February 19, 2010

a testimonial from a happy hauthaus client…

“As a young couple, this was our first experience with an interior designer. We recently sold the very small condominium we enjoyed for 5 years to move to a larger, two bedroom condo. Admittedly, neither of our skills are in interior design. Following a move in November, we found ourselves living in a white-walled shell with an ‘eclectic’ mix of post-college furniture – with a limited budget to spare. We scheduled Holly for a consulation after seeing an ad at a local benefit event. Let’s be honest: we were reluctant. In a time where frugality is cooler than extravagance, was a designer really necessary?

Holly arrived at our condo on a December evening and we found her to be both approachable and confident, but most importantly, she listened. She used our initial meeting to understand our values and our vision rather than find a quick solution. Holly was fully transparent about the services Haut Haus could provide and set clear expectations about what the services would cost. We agreed that what we needed was: 1. Paint color, 2. Furniture,  and 3. A Budget!

Throughout the next few weeks, Holly and Amber worked with us to build a budget and a plan. They were able to incorporate many of the items we previously owned into the design, while providing us advice on both non-designer retail pieces and more expensive designer pieces. We worked through finding a perfect paint color (not as easy as we thought) while they patiently dealt with our changing decisions.

Today, we no longer live in a shell, but a home: a place where we can both find respite and extend hospitality. We were able to make wise financial decisions and through Holly and Amber’s efforts,  able to save many more dollars than their services cost. We will use and recommend them highly in the future!”

-Client in Minneapolis