design tips: vol 2

August 10, 2010

Get out your No. 2 pencils and jot these few design tips down! ūüôā

For the kitchen:¬† know your cooking/baking style.¬† It’s important to design your kitchen for how you will use it!¬† Do you bake for an army?¬† Have an extra oven and room to spread out.¬† Put utensils, dry goods and baking¬†items in the drawers and cupboards near your mixer.

For the dining room:  a mirror reflecting the dining table is said to increase a feeling of abundance.  Mirrors also move natural light around a room which can be helpful if your dining room has just one window. 

For the mudroom:¬† make it easy for everyone in the family to help organize this space.¬† Kids do really well cleaning up when they have hooks, drawers and of course, gentle reminders.¬†¬†Cabinets that can handle the sizes of everyone‚Äôs bags, laptops, books, purses, boots and other things are a must! If all of this can hide behind a door that can be shut, that’s even better!

For the master bedroom:  this space is for you or for you and your spouse only.  Photos of your kids belong somewhere else!  This is the room that should promote relaxation, sleep and intimacy.  A quick and easy way to do that is to relocate the laundry basket and ironing board!

For the kids’ bedrooms: personalize their bedrooms with items that are practical for their age group.¬† An indoor swing with a hand painted wood seat is easy to install and can promote hours of imaginative play.¬† Hula hoops hanging by hooks on the wall or a beanbag with a small table and reading light next to it are inexpensive and add fun!

cheers, amber

design tips: vol. 1

July 22, 2010


We would love to share¬†2 design tips with you¬†to remember when finishing off a room…

1. Something black goes a long way…¬† In this bright sitting room, we took the existing marble tops from old bedside tables and gave them a new look with black steel bases made by a local company.¬† By doing this, we added a punch of black to the space, and freshened up the marble tops.

2. Something shiny is a must!  In this master bathroom remodel, we used classic, chrome fixtures from Rohl on the sinks, shower, and tub. They add a touch of elegance and shine.  The white marble countertop shines nicely, as well with the help of crystal chandeliers and sconces.

Stay tuned for more design tips in upcoming hauthaus blogs!

cheers, amber

Hello friends!

We are excited to share some new pictures with you from a photo shoot of a project out in Waconia, MN. We worked on almost every room in this home, and today we will give you a sneak peek into the master bedroom…

We used beautiful Villa Romo fabrics for the custom window treatments and the sweet Turtle Dove Slipper Chairs.

What a difference window treatments make!

In this master bedroom, we treated the door to the private deck & the large window the same and had the panels meet in the corner. 

Special details include pleated headings, hardware mounted close to the ceiling to bring your eye up and make the space feel taller, and panels that have black out lining to ensure the room will get nice and dark for a great Saturday snooze!

Stay tuned for other ‘haut’ projects, ideas, and events!

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cheers, amber

custom hauthaus bedding

January 21, 2010

Custom bedding is a way to add that special ‘pizzazz’ to your bedroom. With our endless supply to stunning fabrics at various showrooms at IMS, and our¬†super-fab workroom that can create anything we¬†dream up, your bedroom re-design¬†will be totally you.

In the project to the right, we used a washable, berry and white swirly fabric for the duvet cover, chocolate velvet on two round decorative pillows, and a highly textured berry- colored fabric with a mocha sateen border on the pillow shams.

We tied the colors of the bedding into the new sheer window treatments by adding two strips of velvet near the top of the treatment by the drapery hardware. The end result was a great, custom look that the customer loves!

get inspired!

January 6, 2010

It is so very important to stay inspired… especially on chilly, grey days like today. When it’s this cold out,¬†all¬†I¬†want to do is curl up in bed with a good book.

I would definitely choose this bed to crawl up in. It’s absolutely heavenly!

I found this beautiful bed while looking through the catalog of one my favorite furniture manufacturers. They do gorgeous work.

What a fantastic bed!

cheers, amber