I stumbled upon this product yesterday while viewing some of the new fabrics and wall coverings offered by Donghia. I had to share…

Wouldn’t this washable, eco-friendly wallpaper be a great addition to a workspace, kids’ room, kitchen or more?  It seems so functional!

Here are more great reasons to use this magnetic wallpaper:

  • The top coat is made from 100% linen which is a natural product.
  • It is 100% recyclable.
  • The acrylic backing is made with the same technology as low VOC paint.
  • The non-toxic magnetic layer is made from the same mineral substance found in dietary supplement.
  • It’s offered in several colors to fit your style.
  • You could take all of the magnets off for a cleaner look and it would just look like linen wallpaper.

What a twist on the traditional cork board wall…

Where would you use this in your home?