trends in wallpaper

November 14, 2011

Here are some of the latest and greatest wallpaper designs from Weitzner. Holly got a sneak peek at these a couple of weeks ago from our rep and our samples recently arrived! They are lovely! ūüôā

Top to bottom: Cinema Posters, Tea Leaves,  Reverie, Newsworthy

Cinema Posters: This cool woven wallpaper is made out of recycled movie posters! First they collect them, then cut them into strips, and weave them all together to create the final product. This wallpaper is unique in the fact that up close it takes on a whole different look and feel than it does far away. Love it!

Tea Leaves: The ink they used to print the words on this paper is made from black tea leaves. So the collection name Tea Leaves transfers both literal and figurative because the words on the paper all relate to tea and the ink is made from it. This paper would be fun in a breakfast nook or coffee corner.

Reverie: This pretty paper is made of 100% linen which is a natural product. The pattern is subtle and soft and this paper is available in a handful of calming colors. It is a great way to add color AND texture into a room without being too bold about it.

Newsworthy: This paper gets its name from the recycled newspapers that are used to make it. They collect the out of date papers and cut them into strips and weave them all together on a large loom. If you look close enough, you can still read some of the words, but of course they don’t make any sense since they are all snipped and randomly placed. This paper adds drama to any space where it’s installed.

Committment-phobe tip: If you don’t want to commit to a full wall of installed wallpaper, think of other crafty¬†spots to use it… such as inside your cabinets or closets, on the back side¬†of a bookcase, in large frames on the wall, or inside wall panels. (most places require a minimum yardage per order, so make sure you find that out!)

I stumbled upon this product yesterday while viewing some of the new fabrics and wall coverings¬†offered by Donghia. I had to share…

Wouldn’t this washable,¬†eco-friendly¬†wallpaper¬†be a great addition to a workspace, kids’ room, kitchen or more? ¬†It seems so functional!

Here are more great reasons to use this magnetic wallpaper:

  • The top coat is made from 100% linen which is a natural product.
  • It is 100% recyclable.
  • The acrylic backing is made with the same technology as low VOC paint.
  • The non-toxic magnetic layer is made from the same mineral substance found in dietary supplement.
  • It’s offered in several colors to fit your style.
  • You could take all of the magnets off for a cleaner look and it would just look like linen wallpaper.

What a twist on the traditional cork board wall…

Where would you use this in your home?