Here’s a quick wrap up of some of the entry highlights from our blog throughout the year.

We covered everything from the 2010 ASID Showcase House to tips on what you can do to give your home a mini face lift. And from the latest projects we’ve worked on to the latest and greatest in lighting design. 

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In January, we gave you some quick and easy tips on how to re-fresh your home after the holidays:

In February, we highlighted some of the custom furniture pieces we have designed for our wonderful clients:

In March, we posted some lovely detail shots from a home furnishings project we completed in Plymouth:

In April, with the spirit of the Twins’ first season at Target Field in mind, we highlighted some sassy products in red and blue:

In May, the 2010 ASID Showcase house was in full swing and we posted pictures and the story of how the hauthaus front porch came to be:

In June, we showcased some of the new lighting trends for 2010:

Happy New Year! Please stay tuned for the wrap up of July – December to come later this week!

Some ASID Showcases ago Holly and her mentor, Bonnie Birnbaum, worked on the kitchen together. They decided to vault the ceiling above the eating area; quite literally with a twist! Working side by side with an architect and the construction crew, their design took shape…



The kitchen started out with lots of curvy, sunshine yellow laminate cabinetry accompanied by plenty of white walls.



the ceiling beginning




The twisted vaulted ceiling started by being built on the floor, where it resembled a ship being constructed.


up on the ceiling




Once the bones of the ceiling structure were built, it was raised up and secured to the ceiling, where it was then fitted with curved pieces of wood.


almost done




After it was in place, it was covered with sheetrock and painted.






Tiny, fiber optic lighting was installed for added interest.









The finished product earned the designers two ASID Awards; Design is in the Details and Second Place Kitchen Design.






You might need an architect whether you are starting a new construction project or a remodel. Hauthaus has worked with many architects over the years, so we have a great list of contacts with references. Call us for your new home project and we can refer you to an architect that fits your needs.

You can see more before and after photos from this kitchen remodel at:

 There is no doubt about it; window treatments will make your home feel finished. 

They have the ability to completely change the way you feel about a room.  For me, that feeling has always been akin to being within a “nice room,” and walking into a major motion picture set!  But that might just be me.  However, I do know that when I added a tuxedo shade to my kitchen sink window I started thinking about using the china for every day.  And I acted on it.  Have you ever noticed that food tastes different when it’s on a pretty plate?  It’s as true today as it was yesterday, our surroundings have a direct influence on how we go about our days. 

There are many types of treatments for your windows and they’re not all fluffy or overdone.  Crisp roman shades, soft graphic sheers, smart wood shutters, dramatic velvet draperies; the possibilities are numerous.  We can help you decide which is ideal for your home, which are going to wear well and be easy to take care of and how they can fit within your budget.

Pleat sketchIn this project, we decided to use an inverted pleat with a reveal of another fabric behind…




sketch of window

Once we had the idea for the inverted pleats and the sketch on paper, we worked with our fabric workroom and they came up with a protoype. You can see behind the pleats to where the accent fabric will peek through on the finished panel.






detail shot a

Here is the finished treatment after installation. The  striped panels feature the inverted pleat at the top. While the striped panels are stationary, the soft, white sheers offer privacy and can be opened and closed.





The homeowners said that after the new window treatments were installed they felt that some of their pajamas needed to be retired.  Their wish was to wake up feeling like they were on vacation in a beautiful hotel room.  Now they’ve got that as well as a unique solution to their needs, with care, cost and functionality all taken into consideration.

We love to be involved in every aspect of your project, from the very beginning concept phase through to the end after installations and accessories are put into place. Along the way, we are happy to work with you in making selections for your project including…

  • paint and wall finishes
  • hardware on doors, cabinets, and appliances
  • lighting for interiors and exteriors
  • tile for floors, walls, backsplash and more
  • appliances
  • countertops; granite, Cambria, Paperstone and more
  • flooring; wood, tile, carpet, etc.
  • furniture, window treatments, rugs, accessories
  • exterior finishes, landscaping, curb appeal

Once you have ordered, we will track each piece and see it through it’s installation. It’s helpful for us to be there while it’s being installed so we can answer and questions or help solve problems as they arise.

curved stairHere we were onsite to see a curved staircase installed from the upper floor down to the lower level in a new-build house out by Alexandria. Quite a sight!



cabinet install

This picture shows some cabinets during installation in a kitchen remodel by Lake Harriet.  Next to be installed was the granite counter tops…




cheers, amber


How do you make sure a remodeled kitchen is more efficient and works better than the original? Space planning!

Understanding how you use your kitchen is key. It’s important to know what your daily routine is.

With an interview, we can help you determine where the key areas are for improvement and what is working for you, we will define the existing traffic patterns, and we will find out what is structurally needed and what can be changed. 

After the initial interview, we’ll take all the info to the drawing board and come up with some different plans on how to solve the problems.

A bubble diagram helps to define what activites go on in each space and where the traffic patterns are. You can see an example of a bubble diagram we did for a client who was remodeling their kitchen below.

bubble diagram

Once we have decided where the cabinets will go, we go through the hauthaus kitchen checklist with the homeowner. This helps us make sure that there is room in the cabinets for everything. Next, we will draw up the cabinet elevations and make notes that say where certain items will be stored. You can see an example below.

cabinet notes

After the home owner signs off on the drawings, it’s off to the cabinet maker!

Hauthaus ensures that you’ll love your end result; which is why we take these thorough steps during the concept and planning stages. We strive to make each project uniquely and delightfully yours!


cheers, amber

guest bath

We are masters of space planning and color; both of which are essential aspects in bathroom design.  Here is a quick run down of how a typical bathroom remodel with hauthaus goes:

1- concept. The concept is the driving force behind every project, a concept unique to each client is a must!

2- schematic design. We start with space planning and find the 3 best scenarios for the space. Once we have the three sketched out, we input them into AutoCAD.

3- design development. We work out the proposed floor plan, detailed cabinet plans, plumbing specifications, tile selections, and paint.

4- cabinet meeting/ revisions. We review the proposed cabinets with homeowner and cabinet maker; then make revisions if necessary. Then we present a final drawing package for the contractor and cabinet maker to take to their shops and start demo and building.

5- final selections. We pull together all of the bathroom finishes, including paint color, cabinet detail, hardware, tile , plumbing and lighting based on the design concept.

6- estimates/ orders/ order tracking.

7- installation.


Here are some examples of finished bathrooms…


master bathroom

red master bath