how to hang art

October 12, 2010

Hanging art can be a tricky feat. In general, people tend to place art a little too high, making it uncomfortable for the viewer. We’d like to share a couple quick and easy tips  on how to hang art. Hopefully you can apply some of these ideas to your own home. 🙂

Your art piece should be centered at 60"-62" from the floor. This might seem a little low at first, but you'll notice how it's at eye level. People won't have to strain their neck or eyes to view it.

When we hang groupings of art, we like to see about 1.5" - 2" between each piece. A simple way to measure this is to use the distance between the tip of your pointer finger to the 2nd knuckle.

Generally, you should hang a collection in an odd number. Groups of threes and fives are pleasing to the eye.