Hauthaus is always looking for new things, especially new and green things, so when a  new eco-friendly flooring and plumbing showroom opened up at International Market Square, we had to check it out… they are  called Us+on Design.

Us+on Design is a showroom with green and innovative products; everything from tile to stone to hardwoods to pluming fixtures. They offer products that are high quality, with great functionality, and that are affordable. Who could ask for more?

They have a broad range of green flooring and plumbing products. One of my new favorites a glass tile company. Their tiles are made of 100% recycled materials; and they are oh-so-pretty. A perfect combo…

It’s great to find products that are green that have a luxurious look and feel to them.  Here are some examples of this recycled glass tile….

tile green

tile jewel

tile red

tile black

tile variation

This company has tiles for kitchens, baths, pools, and much more. You can even create your own tile mosaic by selecting colors that are perfect for your project.

Let us know if you’d like to see a sample. We’ll gladly pick one up for you!

cheers, amber

smart strand

We have found a carpet, called SmartStrand, that is actually made from fibers from corn sugar… and the best parts are that it is extremely durable, offers great stain protection, oh-so-soft, and did I mention affordable?!

Here are some interesting fast facts about this green product:

  • Green house gas emissions from the production of the SmartStrand are 63% lower than that of the nylon
  • The total energy reduction results in approximately one gallon of gas saved per seven yards of carpet
  • The SmartStrand carpet is engineered to have the stain protectant all the way through the fibers so it never has to be treated
  • This engineered-in stain protection offers high levels of cleanability- mustard, red wine, and cherry Kool-Aid can be removed with just water and mild detergent! 


For more information go to:  www.mohawkflooring.com/carpeting/smartstrand/


Let us know if we can pick up a sample for you, or otherwise we can direct you to a showroom to check it out yourself.


cheers, amber