finished: Izzy’s bathroom

December 9, 2011

We blogged recently about Izzy’s bathroom and showed you a ‘behind the scenes’ snippet of what went in to building it…

Well now it’s done! Check out the final shots of the bathroom from all angles.

Here's Izzy's bathroom with the mirror, lights, and towel bars in place. See her lovely white and black mosaic floor tiles, the fun pop of glacier blue deco tiles on the walls, and Benjamin Moore's Dill Pickle on the walls!


The top shot shows inside Izzy's shower. We continued the deco tile in there, as well as the white subway tile. We had shampoo shelves installed to keep the bottles off of the floor. The bottom shot shows the bathroom from the shower area. There is a lowe vanity seat for Izzy to practice her make-up!

Holly and I love to stay inspired and know what’s going on in the design world. 

Whether it’s learning about the newest happenings in green design, an interior design/art-related event that’s happening locally or the latest and greatest fabric collections at International Market Square, you can bet that we’ll be there. This helps up be knowledgeable for our fantastic clients and helps us to be the best designers we can be!

This morning we visited Kravet/ Lee Jofa showrooms at IMS for a trunk show preview of their newest fabrics and styles. We’d love to share a snippet with you what we saw…

What exciting news! The Lee Jofa fabric showroom is bringing Lilly Pulitzer’s colorful and lively fashion style to their showroom and to your home!

Watch this video for a mini history of Lilly Pulitzer and a preview of the wonderful colors and patterns that they are introducing:

So, what did you think? Did you see a fabric that you’d love to use in your home (or new dress)? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hauthaus is striving to be at the top of the ‘green game’. We are always learning about new products and features to help make your home more earth and family friendly. By using these products in our designs,we help make your space more healthy for you and make sure your space lasts a long time.

Here are some ways how we can implement green design into living spaces:

  • We  find fabrics, tiles, counter tops, and carpets that are made from recycled materials. We have several sources that offer products that are anywhere from 5-100% recycled.
  • We can specify durable materials. By doing this, your furniture will be around for a longer amount of time; nanotex is a great example of a  treatment to prolong the life of your upholstery
  • We use a furniture maker in Minnesota. They use all MN hardwoods in their framing for upholstery items
  • We support local art! By supporting local art, you are feeding into your local economy while getting some great pieces from people in your back yard!
  • We can shop vintage and recycled furniture and accessories. There are several great resources around the Twin Cities that offer great furniture… whether you are looking for a mid-century modern chair, a Queen Anne dressing table, or a vintage chandelier; we know where to go!
  • We can specify low or no VOC paint. Benjamin Moore offers Aura Paint which has low VOCs and Natura paint which has no VOCs. (VOCs are volitile organic compounds… the part of paint that gives it it’s odor and off gassing. The fewer VOCs the better!)

Here are some examples of living spaces we have designed… it’s great to have a green room that looks and feels luxurious.

Siitting area

Green items in this photo: 1) furniture is made in US… 2) peacock murals were done by a local artist… 3) paint in Benjamin Moore Aura paint… 4) Carpet is wool which is a renewable material… 5) fabrics are very durable

Living room

Green items in this photo: 1)sofas were made in MN …2) ottoman was made in US… 3)  Benjamin Moore Aura paint… 4) mirrors were made by local artist Aaron Brand… 5) dining chairs are seagrass which is a renewable material…

cheers, amber