switch on, switch off

March 31, 2011

Most days, light switches are nothing to get excited about, but when I found these the other day I had to take a second and check it out…

 Yanko Design created these innovative switches that are custom-made for you with your home’s floor plan.

You can easily see which room you are turning on or off.

The top image shows the Floor Plan switch during the day. You can see each room in your house.

The middle image shows what the Floor Plan switch looks like at night.

The bottom picture shows the Yellow Switch. It has a light bulb symbol for each light in the room, so you know which specific light you are turning on or off. 

I’m wondering what happens if your home is larger, is your light switch huge? Hmm… food for thought…

Would you use this product? Why or why not?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

What makes a home unique? You!

Interior design is a reflection of who you are; as a person, as a couple or as a family. We start each new project by learning about you. What are your interests? What gets you excited? What makes home feel like, “home?” For some it’s the smell of cookies baking, a child playing piano or a favorite canine waiting at the door. After listening closely, jotting notes and paying attention to small details we start distilling that information into a design concept word or phrase that describes your style.

Using this design concept phrase as our guide, we are able to select colors, finishes, and everything else for your home to ensure it is exactly what you’re looking for.

Now, no matter where you live, you can have your very own hauthaus design concept. We have special design concept packages  available on our new website. Within 48 hours we will send you list of questions, and with your answers, we will be able to come up with your special design concept. 

 This is a perfect gift for newlyweds and first time home buyers!

Of course your interests will change over time, but if we’ve done our job your home will change and grow with you; not to mention avoid being a slave to catalog fads and trends.

You can find more information about our online design packages at www.hauthaus.com