elements of feng shui

November 9, 2010

Where has the year gone?!

It’s already November and soon we’ll all be making turkey and stuffing, shopping for that perfect gift, and trimming the tree!   By using a little help from the elements in Feng Shui, your home can feel a little more zen… and who doesn’t need that this time of year?!

“So what are the elements and how can I incorporate them into my home?”

Easy! Here they are…

Earth: Earth is represented using square shapes and beige and yellow tones.

Wood: Wood can be represented with plants or with pieces made from actual wood; green and browns also bring in the element.

Fire: This element is represented with bright red, yellow and orange along with objects that have points or sharp angles.

Metal: Metal is represented by using metallics, circular shapes, and the color white.

Water: This element is represented using curvy and wavy lines, and the colors blue and black.

Here’s how we’ve incorporated the Feng Shui elements into some of our projects:

Family room and casual dining room in Plymouth.


"Away Room" in Chanhassen.


Master bedroom in Minnetonka.