tips for your home office

February 8, 2012

These tips are good to keep in mind for your desk in your home office or even your desk at work. They are tips and guides from the principles of feng shui. Over many, many years fen shui has helped to create balance and restore creativity, wealth, relationships and more.

Use these tips and guides to re-engergize your workspace:

  • Sit in your chair and look at your desk. What do you see? The objects that you see should be inspiring and not cluttering. The top of your desk is the key to your creativity.
  • De-clutter; if pictures of family and friends inspire you take one picture and set it on your desk. You can rotate it out with others, but multiple pictures on your desk can cause distractions instead of inspirations.
  • Instead of piling things; file things! This might be easier said than done, but filed items are out of your way and they clear space on your desk and your mind.
  • Look at your desk through the eyes of a special client. Have only purposeful and inspiring objects on your desk that speak to you and to the people that will meet you at your office.

Pay attention to the wealth corner of your desk. Take a look at the feng shui map above. All spaces in feng shui are set up and managed according to this map. It applies to whole houses, to rooms, even to pieces of furniture. If you're sitting at your desk; the top left corner would be your wealth corner. Make sure to put purposeful things in each section. For example; you wouldn't want an old plant or dirty coffee cups cluttering up your wealth corner.

zen color scheme

July 22, 2011

What makes this bathroom have a calming, zen feeling?

Earthy, zen color scheme.

  •   The soft, muted greens and blues create a calming effect.
  • River stones, incorporated into the floor design, are reminiscent of a zen rock garden. They evoke tranquility.
  • The curved back of the chair softens the straight lines of the tile and wood tub surround. Balance is key.

When you think of metal, you might think of some cold and hard.

Well…I thought I would pull together some images of ways we can use metal in our homes in a soft and inviting way.

Afterall, metal is one of the elements used in feng shui and by using each of the elements, believers in feng shui say that you can achieve a more balanced life.

Did you know that metal is the symbol of wealth and protection according to feng shui?

Did you also know that metals account for nearly 2/3 of all known elements and that copper is probably the first known metal?

Here’s where to find these pieces for your home:

  1. Stephens Table Lamp from Crate and Barrel
  2. Burst mirror from hauthaus, inc.
  3. Chandelier from Atelier Abigail Ahern Lighting (UK)
  4. Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair from DWR
  5. Table lamp from hauthaus, inc.
  6. Platner Coffee Table from DWR
  7. Candle holders from hauthaus, inc.
  8. Side table from hauthaus, inc.

(click on the image to enlarge it and get a closer peek!)

elements of feng shui

November 9, 2010

Where has the year gone?!

It’s already November and soon we’ll all be making turkey and stuffing, shopping for that perfect gift, and trimming the tree!   By using a little help from the elements in Feng Shui, your home can feel a little more zen… and who doesn’t need that this time of year?!

“So what are the elements and how can I incorporate them into my home?”

Easy! Here they are…

Earth: Earth is represented using square shapes and beige and yellow tones.

Wood: Wood can be represented with plants or with pieces made from actual wood; green and browns also bring in the element.

Fire: This element is represented with bright red, yellow and orange along with objects that have points or sharp angles.

Metal: Metal is represented by using metallics, circular shapes, and the color white.

Water: This element is represented using curvy and wavy lines, and the colors blue and black.

Here’s how we’ve incorporated the Feng Shui elements into some of our projects:

Family room and casual dining room in Plymouth.


"Away Room" in Chanhassen.


Master bedroom in Minnetonka.

Another color that has been popping up everywhere is: violet. And I mean violet in all shades! You have eggplant, lavender, orchid,  aubergine and many more…

This color cousin is comforting, serene, and timeless; it acts as a good neutral without being brown, grey or camel. It is good staple that will surely be around for awhile. 

Feng shui suggests that this color is good for physical and mental healing, as well as bringing spiritual awareness. This might be one of the reasons why we are drawn to this color given the current events.

Especially moving into fall, be on the look out for eyeshadows and lipsticks leaning toward a more violet hue.  This color trend is evident in everything from make-up to clothing to cars!

The fabrics I have highlighted here are from KDR Showrooms and the tile samples are from Fantasia Tile at IMS in Minneapolis.

cheers, amber

balance your life

September 23, 2009

Everyone can probably agree that their life could use a little more balance. Schedules, deadlines, and school activities seem to make life a little hectic sometimes. By paying attention to the elements of Feng Shui, you can achieve a sense of balance in your home and in your life.

What are the elements?

Metal:  is represented by using metallics, circular shapes, and the color white

Water:  is represented by wavy and curvy lines, and the colors blue and black

Fire: is represented in bright orange, red, and yellow colors, and sharp angled points

Wood: is represented by using actual wood, plants, and the colors brown and green

Earth: is represented by square shapes, and earthy tones such as beige and light yellow

Here is an example of a kitchen remodel project we completed.  The elements of Feng Shui are called out in white.


 A home or room that is well balanced, according to Feng Shui has at least one of each of the five elements within it.

cheers, amber

listen up class!

a little lesson on activating your wealth corner to help your cash flow….

wealth bagua

Your wealth area, according to feng shui, is located in the far left corner of your space- be it a room or your entire house. You can see it demonstrated in this picture.

Here are a few simple suggestions you can use to

activate your wealth area:

  • use purples, reds, and greens in the area
  • hang or frame chinese coins in a group of 3, 6, 0r 8; preferably with a red ribbon connecting all the coins
  • place a water feature or picture of flowing water in the wealth corner- this represents the flow of money, so keep in mind if the waters are calm or strong flowing in the picture
  • place things in groups of threes
  • a plant is always nice, it brings life to the space- also, plants with round leaves look like coins so that’s all the better! (Jade plants are a good choice)