Did you watch the Oscars red carpet coverage last night? If you were like me, you were glued to the TV noting the disasters and the beautiful dresses.  Today we are wondering… “what if Oscar dresses were light fixtures, what would they look like?” Well wonder no more… here is our take on some of the fashions…

Which fashions made your hits and misses lists?

Classy and Sparkly, Octavia Spencer wears a Tadashi Shoji gown / Currey and Co light.

Tiered and Bold, Michelle Williams dons a Louis Vuitton gown / DWR light.

Metallic and Simple, Stacy Keibler wears a Marchesa gown / Troy Lighting light.

Bold and Detailed, Jessica Chastain wears an Alexander McQueen / Minka Lavery light.

Styled and Modern-Classic, Rooney Mara dons a Givenchy dress / Robert Abbey light.

Elegant and Classic, Maria Menounos wears a Maria Lucia Hohan dress / Currey and Co light.

mid mod fashion

June 11, 2009

with every project, when we’re getting inspired we immerse ourselves in the client’s concept… that said, when we were preparing for this year’s showcase home project we took a swan dive into mid century modern fashion.  see my personal favorites below (*this is holly, i don’t know how to log on as myself yet) 

we worked on our family room space collaboratively with two talented minneapolis designers, suzanne goodwin and laura paulson so decided that the group fashion spreads were especially appropriate for us.  we tried to convince suzanne to don her hankerchief look but she never acquiesced… oh well.  it would have been marvy.  and i may soon go back to the pixie cut… the picture below is a great example of how cool it can look.  doesn’t she look smart, doesn’t she look like someone you’d like to hang with?  and who can beat twiggy?  groovy baby.          -holly



cuteHairholly 1