kitchen design trends

June 23, 2011

Here is a spotlight on a few European kitchen design trends… sometimes it’s good to know what our neighbors are doing!

  • Smaller, yet well designed. Kitchens are getting smaller and smarter. You can certainly have a personalized, ‘small’ kitchen while retaining high function.
  • Smart storage. Pull outs and customized storage solutions are everywhere, helping you better utilize the nooks and crannies of your kitchen.
  • Thick counters. Putting a 6″ slab of granite on cabinets might not be the best idea in terms of stability, but you can get the look of a thick counter by having two sheets of Cambria or wood mitered together.
  • Kitchen cabinets have legs. Most Europeans treat their kitchen cabinets like they do furniture… also when they move, they often take the cabinets with them and that’s easier to do when there are legs!
  • The washer & dryer are in the kitchen.What a smart idea! The kitchen island is the perfect place for folding and ironing clothes.  They can even be tucked behind cabinet doors and no one would ever know they are there!

    This picture, from, shows a thick Cambria counter top with mitered corners and clean-lined cabinets.