There is no doubt about it; window treatments will make your home feel finished. 

They have the ability to completely change the way you feel about a room.  For me, that feeling has always been akin to being within a “nice room,” and walking into a major motion picture set!  But that might just be me.  However, I do know that when I added a tuxedo shade to my kitchen sink window I started thinking about using the china for every day.  And I acted on it.  Have you ever noticed that food tastes different when it’s on a pretty plate?  It’s as true today as it was yesterday, our surroundings have a direct influence on how we go about our days. 

There are many types of treatments for your windows and they’re not all fluffy or overdone.  Crisp roman shades, soft graphic sheers, smart wood shutters, dramatic velvet draperies; the possibilities are numerous.  We can help you decide which is ideal for your home, which are going to wear well and be easy to take care of and how they can fit within your budget.

Pleat sketchIn this project, we decided to use an inverted pleat with a reveal of another fabric behind…




sketch of window

Once we had the idea for the inverted pleats and the sketch on paper, we worked with our fabric workroom and they came up with a protoype. You can see behind the pleats to where the accent fabric will peek through on the finished panel.






detail shot a

Here is the finished treatment after installation. The  striped panels feature the inverted pleat at the top. While the striped panels are stationary, the soft, white sheers offer privacy and can be opened and closed.





The homeowners said that after the new window treatments were installed they felt that some of their pajamas needed to be retired.  Their wish was to wake up feeling like they were on vacation in a beautiful hotel room.  Now they’ve got that as well as a unique solution to their needs, with care, cost and functionality all taken into consideration.