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design your own area rug!

September 16, 2010

example of a child's drawing...

I came across this fun website the other day, and thought I would share with you, our loyal readers!

Get this: you, or your kids, can create a drawing and this company, Carpetzz, will make a rug for you from that drawing! It sounds so fun, doesn’t it?!

This could be the perfect way to finish out a play room, child’s bathroom or bedroom. Imagine how exciting and unique it would be!

Check out the website for more exmples and pricing: 


If you have a rug created or if you have done this before, we’d love to hear about it!

the drawing made into a carpet!

in detail: design custom rugs

September 9, 2009

PROBLEM: Ok, so you have your swanky sofa, your killer lamp, and your oh-so-comfy chair all in place… but you still feel like your room is missing something…

SOLUTION: Sometimes all a room needs is a nice, soft area rug to finish out the space. That’s where hauthaus comes into play – we can create a custom-sized and custom-designed rug to fit your space, color scheme, and budget!

Here is an example of a project that needed a special rug to pull everything together and to soften the space, as it had lots of wood furniture and straight lines…. it started out with a rendered drawing.

rug sketch1











Once we had decided on the size, shape, and content; we went to our local rug company and chose yarns that went with the color scheme in the living room where this rug was being placed. They took our drawing and the yarn colors we selected and input that information into their computer program to come out with a final render before the rug was hand tied.


rug comp1








After we had finalized every detail about the rug, the drawing was sent off to the craftspeople. Some weeks later, we received our custom-designed, hand-tied wool rug, had it delivered and placed in the clients’ home.

See the finished product below…

Finished rug

With all of the wood Mission style furniture in this formal living room and the straight lines, the rug really helps to soften the space and make it feel more cozy. Imagine if there were no rug in the room, it just wouldn’t feel quite complete without it!