The back entry way can be a scary place. Sometimes the closet doors can’t shut because there are too many shoes, jackets, and kids’ sport equipment overflowing… we know how that goes. We see it everyday. 

By understanding the way the space is used on a day to day basis and adding enough closed storage, the back entry/ mudroom area of your home can be a very functional space.

In a  remodel project over near the River Road in St. Paul, we took out the existing closet that was not functioning well for the whole family to use, and gave them each their own individual ‘locker’.

Now each family member has their own overhead storage for seasonal and sporting items, hanging storage for jackets and bags, a shelf, and a drawer for shoes and boots.

mudroom drawing

You can see the finished project below and how Joey decorated his locker with his very own ‘chores robot’ in hope that the robot would take over his daily chores.

mudroom after

How do you make sure a remodeled kitchen is more efficient and works better than the original? Space planning!

Understanding how you use your kitchen is key. It’s important to know what your daily routine is.

With an interview, we can help you determine where the key areas are for improvement and what is working for you, we will define the existing traffic patterns, and we will find out what is structurally needed and what can be changed. 

After the initial interview, we’ll take all the info to the drawing board and come up with some different plans on how to solve the problems.

A bubble diagram helps to define what activites go on in each space and where the traffic patterns are. You can see an example of a bubble diagram we did for a client who was remodeling their kitchen below.

bubble diagram

Once we have decided where the cabinets will go, we go through the hauthaus kitchen checklist with the homeowner. This helps us make sure that there is room in the cabinets for everything. Next, we will draw up the cabinet elevations and make notes that say where certain items will be stored. You can see an example below.

cabinet notes

After the home owner signs off on the drawings, it’s off to the cabinet maker!

Hauthaus ensures that you’ll love your end result; which is why we take these thorough steps during the concept and planning stages. We strive to make each project uniquely and delightfully yours!


cheers, amber