blast from the past

June 24, 2009

This was a project that we worked on for the 2007 ASID Showcase House with Bonnie Birnbaum. It was the old lower level of a house on Summit Avenue in St. Paul that we turned into a bierstube and wine cellar. Check out the pictures for the amazing transformation!

before back door Here you can see that we started out with a dirt floor, no ceiling, and no walls really. This view is looking toward the back door; the pool table will go where the posts are in this picture. (see below for after photo)

during ceiling This photo was taken in the same position as the photo above. This shows the construction of the barrel vaulting.

AfterThis photo shows the finished space and how it was transformed into something beautiful and functional. (the photo was taken in the same spot)

during ceiling wine cellarThis photo shows the view into the wine cellar during construction. (see after photo below taken from the same spot!)

after wine cellarHere is the finished shot of the bar and view into the wine cellar… check out the tiled floor and timbering on the walls!