before & after: dining room

February 24, 2011

Before: Dining room from front entry


Before, this dining room was white and needed updating. After all, it is  one of the first rooms you see when you enter the home so it needed to set the tone…

(The before picture was taken from the front entry of the home, which can be seen in the ‘after’ picture.)

We painted the walls with a rich, warm gray, added a beautiful chandelier with glass detailing, installed long, silk drapery panels, and had a stunning custom dining table with an inlaid top made for the client.

After: Dining room and front entry

Space planning is a very important part of what we do.  I like that it involves critical thinking and piecing everything together; like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle.

When we are designing any room in a house, it’s important for us to know how you use the spacewhat your needs are, and what can change and what has to stay. Here is an example of three ways we space planned a main level living space. The homeowner wanted to have space for the kitchen, a seating area, and a dining room. See how what we came up with…

When you’ve lived with your living room, kitchen, master bedroom or any other room set up the same way for 10 years+, it can be hard to imagine it a different way. All you need is a fresh set of eyes and a creative hauthaus designer!

Have you ever wondered what we could come up with for you? Give us a call – we’d love to show you!

a new yellow bench

October 28, 2010

the bench: before.

It’s always a happy story when you can find a tired, old piece of furniture at a vintage shop and give it new life. 

That’s just what we did for an antique bench we found and the now closed “Feather Your Nest” shop in Wayzata. It had great bones and character, but the fabric was in need of a re-do and the trim was falling off. But, the style was just perfect for one of our clients; so we grabbed it!

We found the perfect, mustard colored Kravet faux leather to upholster it with, along with a sassy little ribbon trim. We brought the bench to our very talented upholsterer and it was done within days!

The results are really quite grand. It adds such a great pop of color and interest in its new home.

Re-upholstering and re-using is a great way to be green and to give an old piece a new look. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint or updated fabric can do!

the bench: after


detail "glamour shot" of the ribbon trim

The 2010 ASID Showcase Home Tour has come and gone. What a great 4 weeks it was! Thank you to all who came to support ASID, the four beneficiaries, and great interior design!

If you didn’t get a chance to go take a peek inside, here are some of our after shots from the front porch at the Isles home…

photo by Mark Ehlen Photography

photo by Mark Ehlen Photography

Porch highlights:

  • We sanded down the floor, which was covered in paint, and found Douglas Fir flooring that was original to the home, built in 1908.
  • To add color and texture, we applied a navy vinyl floor covering to the ceiling.
  • Since the homeowner is a world traveller, we incorporated many of his own pieces into the design.
  • We specified furniture from Grange’s new outdoor line from KDR Showrooms.
  • All of the fabrics in the space are indoor/outdoor from KDR Showrooms.
  • Palm leaf ceiling fans were installed to circulate fresh air.
  • Antique furniture pieces and accessories were found at Spinario Design in Northeast Minneapolis.
  • A new Waverton Cambria top was fitted to an existing antique Weiman table in the seating area.

What are some of your favorite design features? We’d love to know!

cheers, amber

design with added value.

October 16, 2009

*Did you know Thanksgiving is 28 business days away?  Yipes!  Let us help you, read on…


did you know you don’t have to tear down a wall in order to give your home a new pair of legs?  in fact, sometimes a simple color change, room rearrangement, a new piece of art…or an old piece of art put in a different place… can make all the difference.  the good news is that you have many wonderful things already, they’re just in the wrong spot or maybe they’re hiding in your storage space?

Always on the ready, we’ve devised FOUR design packages that will have you spiffed up just in time for the relatives AND YOU!

Right My Room!  ($95)

in just one hour we can help you re-think an existing space.  Are you ready?

Welcome Home  ($295)

in three hours, we can help your front door or mudroom entry set the tone for the entire house.  Suddenly, it’s nice to walk in the door again.  a.k.a. you won’t be looking at dirty laundry any more.

Kick Back, Relax ($595)

in six hours we can tackle a dining room, bedroom or home office… get ready to love these rooms!

Groovy Baby ($895)

in nine hours your family room, lower level or bonus room will be ready for the holiday gathering.  Watch out Aunt Mildred… this room rocks.

For more information on what you get out of each of these packages, such as shopping dates, lighting plans, cabinet designs and handy men we have at our beck and call, give us a ring 612-743-7731/  612-229-1253…  or simply find us at

These packages are available to you October 19th through Friday, January 8th, 2010.

The holidays have never looked so good! 


Some ASID Showcases ago Holly and her mentor, Bonnie Birnbaum, worked on the kitchen together. They decided to vault the ceiling above the eating area; quite literally with a twist! Working side by side with an architect and the construction crew, their design took shape…



The kitchen started out with lots of curvy, sunshine yellow laminate cabinetry accompanied by plenty of white walls.



the ceiling beginning




The twisted vaulted ceiling started by being built on the floor, where it resembled a ship being constructed.


up on the ceiling




Once the bones of the ceiling structure were built, it was raised up and secured to the ceiling, where it was then fitted with curved pieces of wood.


almost done




After it was in place, it was covered with sheetrock and painted.






Tiny, fiber optic lighting was installed for added interest.









The finished product earned the designers two ASID Awards; Design is in the Details and Second Place Kitchen Design.






You might need an architect whether you are starting a new construction project or a remodel. Hauthaus has worked with many architects over the years, so we have a great list of contacts with references. Call us for your new home project and we can refer you to an architect that fits your needs.

You can see more before and after photos from this kitchen remodel at:

blast from the past

June 24, 2009

This was a project that we worked on for the 2007 ASID Showcase House with Bonnie Birnbaum. It was the old lower level of a house on Summit Avenue in St. Paul that we turned into a bierstube and wine cellar. Check out the pictures for the amazing transformation!

before back door Here you can see that we started out with a dirt floor, no ceiling, and no walls really. This view is looking toward the back door; the pool table will go where the posts are in this picture. (see below for after photo)

during ceiling This photo was taken in the same position as the photo above. This shows the construction of the barrel vaulting.

AfterThis photo shows the finished space and how it was transformed into something beautiful and functional. (the photo was taken in the same spot)

during ceiling wine cellarThis photo shows the view into the wine cellar during construction. (see after photo below taken from the same spot!)

after wine cellarHere is the finished shot of the bar and view into the wine cellar… check out the tiled floor and timbering on the walls!