Some of you might remember this note:

Well after the demo, construction, design, and installation of Joey’s bathroom he approves!

We had everything ripped out down to the studs. Some highlights of the room:

  • We chose a deep blue for the walls
  • We designed a mushroom colored double vanity so each boy has his own sink.
  •  In a bathroom for two boys a Cambria top seemed like a no-brainer! – we used Sussex.
  • The custom window treatments allowed us to put in a shelf for their bobblehead collection.
  • The boys’ parents and grandparents were very involved in sports back in their high school and college days, just like the boys are now, so we had newspaper clippings and pictures of framed in a collection of black and metallic frames to hang in the bathroom.
  • The shower features tile EVERYWHERE for easy clean-ability.

We wanted to carry the vintage sports concept through the bathroom so the wood panelling, hooks, and shelves are reminiscent of a locker room.

A peek at the shower tile and deco glass tile.

Here are some of the framed sports pictures that line the 'gallery' entrance into the bathroom.

design tips: vol. 1

July 22, 2010


We would love to share 2 design tips with you to remember when finishing off a room…

1. Something black goes a long way…  In this bright sitting room, we took the existing marble tops from old bedside tables and gave them a new look with black steel bases made by a local company.  By doing this, we added a punch of black to the space, and freshened up the marble tops.

2. Something shiny is a must!  In this master bathroom remodel, we used classic, chrome fixtures from Rohl on the sinks, shower, and tub. They add a touch of elegance and shine.  The white marble countertop shines nicely, as well with the help of crystal chandeliers and sconces.

Stay tuned for more design tips in upcoming hauthaus blogs!

cheers, amber

cool color schemes

July 20, 2010

Calm and relaxing; words associated with a cool color scheme.

Cool colors include: blues, blue-greens, and purples.

Here are some examples of projects that we’ve done at hauthaus with cool color schemes…

cheers, amber

warm color schemes

July 8, 2010

Warm color schemes are comforting, spontaneous and welcoming.  Think of an Arizona sunset… these are precisely the colors that make up the warm color scheme. 

Warm colors include: red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, yellow, gold, and brown. 

Here are some of our hauthaus remodel and furnishings projects with warm color schemes.

cheers, amber

“There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.”  – Pablo Picasso

Color is a fantastic way to make a change on the interior and exterior of your house. When you work with hauthaus designers on a project, we  pull together a color plan for your project based on your design concept.

It is important to know what feel you are going for, if you prefer warm tones vs cool tones, what kinds of activities the room will be used for, if you want a calming space or energetic space, etc… It is also very important to take into consideration which type of light is coming into the space… northern and southern lights are very different and can play with how the colors look in the room.

color bathrooms

These bathrooms show two different schemes; One is a cool blue and white color scheme that feels very crisp and clean; while the other is warm red with dark wood that feels energetic and inviting.



dining room

This dining room has a very welcoming feel. The color on the wall is warm and earthy, which plays with the warm creamy tone on the ceiling. The dark wood tones add another layer to the palette.








Art is another way to bring in a splash or two of color. In this front entry, the paint colors and the floor tile is kept pretty neutral, while the orange and blue in the painting in the art niche speak for themselves.



cheers, amber


guest bath

We are masters of space planning and color; both of which are essential aspects in bathroom design.  Here is a quick run down of how a typical bathroom remodel with hauthaus goes:

1- concept. The concept is the driving force behind every project, a concept unique to each client is a must!

2- schematic design. We start with space planning and find the 3 best scenarios for the space. Once we have the three sketched out, we input them into AutoCAD.

3- design development. We work out the proposed floor plan, detailed cabinet plans, plumbing specifications, tile selections, and paint.

4- cabinet meeting/ revisions. We review the proposed cabinets with homeowner and cabinet maker; then make revisions if necessary. Then we present a final drawing package for the contractor and cabinet maker to take to their shops and start demo and building.

5- final selections. We pull together all of the bathroom finishes, including paint color, cabinet detail, hardware, tile , plumbing and lighting based on the design concept.

6- estimates/ orders/ order tracking.

7- installation.


Here are some examples of finished bathrooms…


master bathroom

red master bath