a look at in floor heat

October 18, 2011

We recently had one of our clients install in floor heat in their master bathroom and sun porch. If you’re considering this method of heating, here are some points to consider.


  1. Consistent heat – this way of heating helps there to be less hot and cool pockets in your space and offers a more consistent heat throughout the space.
  2. It’s quieter than a traditional furnace.
  3. While it costs more to install upfront, it saves money in the long run because your thermostat can stay regulated easier.
  4. You can set it on a timer, so it’s only on when you’re using the room. (You can set it so the bathroom is nice and toasty warm on those cold winter mornings!)
  5. This type of system works well with solar-powered sources.
  6. It is recommended for those with allergies because, unlike a forced air unit, there aren’t lots of allergens floating around from room to room


  1. It is more costly upfront to install because it should be installed by a professional who knows what they are doing to make sure it will work correctly.

You should take into consideration what material you will cover it with. The thickness and type of flooring will determine how much of the heat will enter the room.

 In floor heat can be installed anywhere – even under a wood floor if it’s properly installed!

This master bath shot was taken right after the in floor heat was installed. Now it's just waiting for marble tile!


In floor heat installed under hardwood flooring in a lakeshore home.


design tips: vol. 1

July 22, 2010


We would love to share 2 design tips with you to remember when finishing off a room…

1. Something black goes a long way…  In this bright sitting room, we took the existing marble tops from old bedside tables and gave them a new look with black steel bases made by a local company.  By doing this, we added a punch of black to the space, and freshened up the marble tops.

2. Something shiny is a must!  In this master bathroom remodel, we used classic, chrome fixtures from Rohl on the sinks, shower, and tub. They add a touch of elegance and shine.  The white marble countertop shines nicely, as well with the help of crystal chandeliers and sconces.

Stay tuned for more design tips in upcoming hauthaus blogs!

cheers, amber

guest bath

We are masters of space planning and color; both of which are essential aspects in bathroom design.  Here is a quick run down of how a typical bathroom remodel with hauthaus goes:

1- concept. The concept is the driving force behind every project, a concept unique to each client is a must!

2- schematic design. We start with space planning and find the 3 best scenarios for the space. Once we have the three sketched out, we input them into AutoCAD.

3- design development. We work out the proposed floor plan, detailed cabinet plans, plumbing specifications, tile selections, and paint.

4- cabinet meeting/ revisions. We review the proposed cabinets with homeowner and cabinet maker; then make revisions if necessary. Then we present a final drawing package for the contractor and cabinet maker to take to their shops and start demo and building.

5- final selections. We pull together all of the bathroom finishes, including paint color, cabinet detail, hardware, tile , plumbing and lighting based on the design concept.

6- estimates/ orders/ order tracking.

7- installation.


Here are some examples of finished bathrooms…


master bathroom

red master bath