rainy day fun: see art!

June 17, 2011

Did you know that the Northrup King building is open to the public on Saturdays? Well it is!!

What a perfect activity for a rainy day! (which is what the weatherman is predicting…)

Here’s the scoop:

What: Lots of artists open their studios for a day so you can pop in, chat, purchase art, or just see what a ‘day in the life of an artist’ is like!

Cost: Free

Times: Noon to 4pm

Location: Northrup King Arts Building at 1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis

Who’s studios/ stores are open: Click HERE

(hauthaus INsider tip: While you’re over there, drop over to Architectural Antiques – they have lots of goodies to see and buy!)

Antique door plates, galore!

 While Holly and I were out and about scouting for some vintage accent pieces for a cabin project, we decided to take some photos of our fun findings to share with you! 

You can be sure when you head to Architectural Antiques in Northeast Minneapolis that you’ll find interesting and unique pieces. 

We found TONS of antique door plates, door knobs, and vintage hardware , they have every size and shape imaginable! 

Baskets and baskets of door knobs!

The staff knows a lot, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, and tell them hauthaus sent you! And as always, if you need an extra set of eyes, don’t hesitate to call us and set up a shopping date!

Antique blue glass cabinet hardware

a bright idea

April 5, 2010

While our creative client, Emily, was building her new house, she had a bright idea. 

She needed a railing. So what did she do? She went out to the woods, found a beautiful, long branch and fashioned it into a very custom, very cool railing.

Check out Emily’s super fun railing!

Using found objects and interesting pieces in your home can really personalize your space.

Some of our favorite places to shop for such things are: Spinario Design, Architectural Antiques, and International Market Square

Give us a call if you’d like a hauthaus shopping date!  We’d love to help you find something special!

cheers, amber