Bright, shiny… February.

February 3, 2010

Is it possible to blog in 15 minutes?  That’s all I’ve got this morning.  Luckily, I’m feeling bright and shiny today.  I’m going to give credit to the new Vampire Weekend album.  Take a listen and tell me I’m wrong.  I love to debate! 

Last week I noticed that it’s getting lighter, later in the afternoon.  This increases my heart rate just a little and turns my thoughts to planting wee seedlings, opening up the house and being able to ditch my socks. 

What does any of this have to do with design?  It feels to me like we’re peeking our heads out from under a heavy winter blanket, wondering if it’s safe to hope that there will be warmer days and an end in sight to what has been a long, hard winter.  I’m all for a good, long winter’s nap but will it soon be time to feel good about moving forward?  Is it too soon to start hoping that we can get excited about what’s next?  Obviously budgets and priorities have changed, but would it be alright if we could feel good about those changes?  Is it the end of the world if we can’t spend as much as we used to? 

Today I’m giving you the A-OK to get inspired for what is around the corner.  When imagination has an opportunity to infect our brains for a few minutes the results are shocking.  It will wake you up, try it.  Put on a new record, put something on that is vivid (regardless of your pale winter skin), buy some flowers and try something new at lunch today. 

If we all collectively do this, the planet might feel a little off kilter… and that might be more fun than it is scary. 

Tell us what you did to get inspired today!  We can’t wait to read about it…