showcase09hollya certain design assistant reminds me, daily, to fill in this spot with something.  what a nag.  😉


about holly: 

mom to three young people 


small business owner 


 “cooker” –Charlie

big fan of m.l.t.  (love)

 elementary art volunteer nine months of the year

may through july = soccer mom

student of yoga, meditation and ayurveda

frida kahlo follower

addicted to the next new alternative group usually found on 89.3… currently Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps

worships the school of bauhaus. 

mushroom avoider – though Jon Radle of the Grand Cafe convinced me to eat a Morel last week.  It was (unfortunately) delicious.

.5 german + .5 norwegian + .05 italian (courtesy of six months living in florence with 65 year old italian widow, speaking zero english and studying art history)

travel nut  (see happy place)happy place

favorite sandwich – asparagus and brie, via the be’wiched deli

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