concrete counter tops: pros & cons

September 2, 2011


Examples of concrete countertop used in a kitchen. Photos from a kitchen remodeled by Bauer Industrial Coatings along with a concrete counter top that they poured onsite.

Did you know that you can use concrete as your kitchen, bathroom, bar, or even store counter?

Here are some of the pros and cons to using this material on your counter…


– Concrete can be poured onsite and formed to any shape you need, unlike granite, stone, or quartz countertops. You can create dramatic curves and shapes, or follow your countertop material down the side of your cabinet for an ultra-modern look.

– Since it’s poured to fit, you don’t have to see any seams, unlike granite and quartz that only come in certain lengths and widths.

– It is stain resistant if sealed properly.

– There are many color options since you can stain it onsite.

– There are endless edging options; granted your installer has the right tools!

– You can get it in a glossy or matte finish to suit your style and needs.


 – Extreme heat can damage or discolor the sealer so be sure to use hotpads and trivets when applicable.
– The appearance can patina overtime, which can either be a pro or a con depending on your taste. It will eventually show wear.
It is important to get a skilled professional to get the job done right.  Bauer Industrial Coatings is a great source for custom concrete countertops; as they have lots of experience and expertise.
The next time you’re in the market for new countertops, consider concrete as an alternative!   

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