kitchen trend: microwave drawers

July 29, 2011

If you walk into a newly designed kitchen, you might wonder “where is the microwave?“. Gone are the days when the microwave was front and center above the stove in the kitchen. Now you might find it tucked away in a cabinet, on an island, or in its new form; a drawer in a base cabinet.

Drawer microwaves have many pros

  • Most over-the-range microwaves do not have great ventilation; which is exactly what you need over the range to get the odor and grease out of your home. By moving the microwave to a different location, you are allowed to get a proper ventilation system for your cooking.
  • Drawer microwaves are easy to use for kids and adults alike! How great it is to have the kids be able to help out with dinner or to be able to make their own breakfast! Since the drawer microwave is installed in a base cabinet it’s right at kid-height.
  • It’s great for universal design. People in wheelchairs can easily access a microwave in a lower base cabinet.
  • By moving the microwave to a base cabinet or island, it is taken out of your sight line which can make for a more beautiful and unified looking kitchen.

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