kitchen trend: fresh herbs

May 10, 2011

Fresh herbs. Yum!

The American Society of Interior Designers reported this month that requests for mini herb gardens in kitchens are on the rise.   As we see a shift turning away from ‘fast food’ and onto  ‘slow food’ (foods cooked more meaningfully and with fresh, local ingredients) fresh herbs are popping up  in kitchens all over…

You might be thinking, “What a great idea! How can I incorporate herbs into my kitchen?”

It’s easy! You can keep them in a small container on your counter or table, in a window box ‘green house’ by your kitchen sink, in an island trough with skylight above, or, if you’d prefer to just buy them fresh cut as you need them, you can always store them in an herb preserver. 

In the picture, you can see some of these suggestions: a hauthaus kitchen, herb preserver and herb kit from Crate & Barrel, and herb container from Williams Sonoma.

If you’re looking for tips and ideas on how to use more herbs in your cooking, Kitchen Window in Calhoun Square in Minneapolis is hosting a “Flavors from the Garden: Greens and Herbs” class on June 2nd. It might be worth checking out as their classes are always lots of fun and informational!! Click here for more info.

In addition to adding freshness to your kitchen and your food, herbs will help your kitchen to smell delicious all of the time!

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