it’s grilling time!

April 29, 2011

Yesterday, the lovely staff at Roth Distributing put on a special event showcasing the (relatively new) Wolf outdoor grill. As always, the food and the company was delightful! Here are some of the product highlights from the afternoon…

The stainless steel hood has a spring assist that makes it open and close with ease. It is double walled so you won't get any discoloration on the outside of the hood.


For more information on Wolf outdoor grills, go to:
To see a Wolf grill in action, check out Roth Distributing’s showroom in Minnetonka:

The 36", 42" and the 54" model feature an infared burner that offers the chance for that perfect sear every time!


Thick stainless steel grates retain and radiate more heat for even grilling and they give you that restaurant style sear marks. Along with being super efficient at heating, they are also really easy to clean with the grill brush that comes with your grill.


Wolf introduced the outdoor grill 2 years ago, but don't worry. Wolf and Subzero manufacture all of their products to last 20+ years! That's a lot of grill time!


Wolf has truly thought of everything with their grills! They installed dual halogen lights inside the hood so you can grill at night!


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