5 ways to get inspired

November 2, 2010

Whether you need a little inspiration for a new wardrobe or room change, here are 5 easy ways to get inspired…

  1. Go for a walk! Take in the nature and all there is to see, smell and touch… Bring your camera and snap some pictures of colors or textures you like; or bring your journal and take notes and doodle some sketches while the weather is still nice!
  2. Read a magazine. See how someone else has put together a certain look and dissect it to find out what it is you like about it. Rip out the pages and put them in your ‘inspiration files’.
  3. Visit the museum. Art can be very inspiring. Notice all of the colors and textures. Try to think of the artist as they were creating the piece and come up with ideas of how that finished piece came to be.
  4. Listen to your favorite music – loud! Listening to the beat and emotion of the music can be quite moving. Whenever I get out my paint brushes and canvas, I make sure to crank up the tunes!
  5. Go to your local craft store. Whenever I go to Crafty Planet in Northeast Minneapolis, I always get inspired to create something. They have a wonderful selection of fabrics, patterns, and ‘how-to s’.  My sewing machine is happy when I come back from that store!

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