color trend: chocolate and raspberry

August 12, 2010

This new color trend is rich and bold; like a dark chocolate morsel with a surprising raspberry center.

Last year Holly and I, were at a color trends presentation put on by Benjamin Moore with a bunch of other designers. They told us to watch out because ‘mauve’ is coming back! We all chuckled and collectively said that we ‘won’t make that mistake again’… as Holly said, “What does it mean when Mauve is the best we’ve got?!”

Well this ‘mauve’ is different. It is richer, sassier, and definitely more bold. (Let’s call her ‘Magenta’ instead!) Magenta is proud to be on the scene with dark, chocolately brown as her sidekick. This scheme might not be for everyone, but I encourage you to look around and see it’s influence in everything from clothes to home goods.

These fabrics are some of the newest from Scherping Westpahl and KDR showrooms at IMS, we have them pinned up on one of our cork boards in our office to serve as inspiration!

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