hauthaus adventures

April 29, 2010

Holly and I visited Ian at Bjorling & Grant the other day and he had something super-cool to show us.

Ian travels the world, finds unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, and builds custom furniture and art. Recently, he acquired a huge piece of solid wood from a tree in a forest in Costa Rica. 

In the pictures, you can see me standing on it.

The tree was damaged a couple feet up from the ground, so it had to come down for safety’s sake.

This particular section came from 125′ up on the trunk. You can see the bump out on the left side of the section. This is where the first branches started growing out of the tree.

Ian told us that the 60′ length that was below this section was shipped over to Europe, where it will be installed on the back wall of an elevator shaft. Since the elevator has glass walls, this will be quite an amazing installation!

Imagine what a magestic sight this tree was while standing in the forest. Now, artists will pay homage to it’s beauty in different forms of art and furniture. What a wonder!

cheers, amber


One Response to “hauthaus adventures”

  1. Kristin Says:

    What a great post! That piece of wood is increadibly beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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