design with added value.

October 16, 2009

*Did you know Thanksgiving is 28 business days away?  Yipes!  Let us help you, read on…


did you know you don’t have to tear down a wall in order to give your home a new pair of legs?  in fact, sometimes a simple color change, room rearrangement, a new piece of art…or an old piece of art put in a different place… can make all the difference.  the good news is that you have many wonderful things already, they’re just in the wrong spot or maybe they’re hiding in your storage space?

Always on the ready, we’ve devised FOUR design packages that will have you spiffed up just in time for the relatives AND YOU!

Right My Room!  ($95)

in just one hour we can help you re-think an existing space.  Are you ready?

Welcome Home  ($295)

in three hours, we can help your front door or mudroom entry set the tone for the entire house.  Suddenly, it’s nice to walk in the door again.  a.k.a. you won’t be looking at dirty laundry any more.

Kick Back, Relax ($595)

in six hours we can tackle a dining room, bedroom or home office… get ready to love these rooms!

Groovy Baby ($895)

in nine hours your family room, lower level or bonus room will be ready for the holiday gathering.  Watch out Aunt Mildred… this room rocks.

For more information on what you get out of each of these packages, such as shopping dates, lighting plans, cabinet designs and handy men we have at our beck and call, give us a ring 612-743-7731/  612-229-1253…  or simply find us at

These packages are available to you October 19th through Friday, January 8th, 2010.

The holidays have never looked so good! 


2 Responses to “design with added value.”

  1. Been reading through alot of the articles. Do you have any good sources on lamp shade history?

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