hauthaus concierge station

October 1, 2009

Where does all of your mail,  kids’ school papers, cell phones and chargers, and bills go in your home? More often than not, the answer is ‘on the kitchen counter- in a pile’.

conciergeHauthaus has a storage solution for you! We can design a custom concierge station for your family’s needs. Here is an example of one we designed for a family of five. It is located near their back door, so when they come home, the mail can be dropped in it’s appropriate bin in the upper cabinets, each of the childrens’ school papers go in their own drawer, and keys can be kept in the same spot, so they are easy to find.

The drawer for the cell phones have the chargers built in so the phone can be plugged in and charging right in the drawer. This hides all the cords!

A concierge station can be designed to fit right in with the style of your home, and customized to fit in with the style of your life.  In the end, it is a beautiful and highly functional addition to your daily routine.  You’ll love it!

cheers, amber


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