in detail: hire contractor and tradesmen

August 3, 2009

DSC02824Who is that climbing on my countertop and how did he get here?!

Hiring a contractor you can trust and also “click,” with should be a high priority for any remodel project.  Knowing where to start and who to hire is made simple by starting your project with us.  We take into account the size of the remodel, the deadlines that are required and the personality that might be the best fit for each of our clients.  It’s easy to overlook the simple fact that the contractor you hire and his or her crew will be in contact with you and your family from that first day of demo to the very last day of install!  Depending on the size of your project, that could last six weeks, three months or as many as nine months.  It’s important to have a good fit. 



Here’s Jason, one of our fine cabinetmakers!  He’s installing a home office and granite countertop within an Edina home.  With enameled cabinetry and a new wood floor his job requires patience and attention to detail.









This is a portion of the fabulous crew that worked on the 2007 ASID Showcase house.  They were both talented and enjoyable to work with as we transformed this dirt floor dungeon into a German bierstube and wine cellar with my mentor Bonnie Birnbaum, ASID, CID.







This is Ben, another very talented cabinet maker, smiling on the jobsite as usual while installing his fine custom cabinetry.  Ben lives and works out of his shop in Minnetonka.  In his spare time he works on renovating his getaway on the North Shore.  He also knows a lot of good (and clean) jokes. 










That’s Marty peeking out from the doorway which we widened in this remodel.  The custom cabinets were just arriving the day this photo was snapped.




One of the most important jobs a contractor has is lining up “the muscle” and crafts people to do the work.  To the right is Cliff on the phone, always, taking care of details on site.  Notice how clean the floor is on this job?  Only the very best clean up after themselves every single day.


We’ve worked with many talented contractors and tradespeople throughout the years, which means we have a selective list of contacts for your next project.  Once we’ve met with you, we can refer you to who we think will be the best fit for you and your project.

It all starts with a call to hauthaus!  612-743-7731  or 612-229-1253


P.S.  That was Herb crawling around on the countertop.  He’s been in his line of work for 25 years.  There is nothing he doesn’t know about walls!


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