The Boys’ Bathroom

July 30, 2009

Boys Bath BeforeOnce upon a time there was a nice size bathroom in a big old house in Saint Paul.  It had not been refinished for twenty-some years and the mister and misses decided it was time to bring that bathroom into the 21st century.  With three small kids at home and two of them boys, this bathroom saw a lot of traffic during the course of a normal day. 

After many months and not a few estimates, our designs were finalized and it came time to remove all “the old” from the bathroom.  However, when the construction crew arrived on site with sledgehammers and crowbars in hand, they found the following note posted on the door.

 Joey 1apage 2

This handwritten note stopped everyone in their tracks, but only for a moment.  Fix everything except the shower?  Knowing that Joey’s favorite part of the bathroom was, in all honesty, the Sandra Boynton wallpaper, a large section of wallpaper was heroically preserved. 


Demolition continued and to this very day, there is more than one job supervisor on site monitoring the daily progress… and he is a nine year old. 

Today’s progress revealed six inches of concrete lurking beneath the 50’s mosaic tile floor.  Did we mention this is a second floor bathroom? 


Stay tuned for updates as we aim to please our youngest critic!  Below is what we hope he’ll find acceptable… the concept is “Go Badgers! A family in sports.” 

bathroom concept-holly


3 Responses to “The Boys’ Bathroom”

  1. john Says:

    Great story. One for the scrap books!
    So, the concept Go Badgers interests me. Is that a Wisconsin Badger inspiration?

  2. amberranzau Says:

    Wisconsin Badgers, indeed! Joey’s grandfather played for them.

  3. Ann Karch Says:

    Awww…great job. It really is worth taking a 9 year old’s advice when it comes to things like that. I came across your blog because I would like to replace our 20 year old Boynton bathroom wallpaper with the same pattern (can’t find it). Everyone still loves this wallpaper and our 70 year old house has bathroom fixtures to match. We may just have to keep repairing that old wallpaper…

    P.S. We are also Wisconsin alumni. Go Badgers!
    P.P.S. Frame Joey’s note. That is the best part of the whole project.

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