green product update… carpet made from corn!

June 25, 2009

smart strand

We have found a carpet, called SmartStrand, that is actually made from fibers from corn sugar… and the best parts are that it is extremely durable, offers great stain protection, oh-so-soft, and did I mention affordable?!

Here are some interesting fast facts about this green product:

  • Green house gas emissions from the production of the SmartStrand are 63% lower than that of the nylon
  • The total energy reduction results in approximately one gallon of gas saved per seven yards of carpet
  • The SmartStrand carpet is engineered to have the stain protectant all the way through the fibers so it never has to be treated
  • This engineered-in stain protection offers high levels of cleanability- mustard, red wine, and cherry Kool-Aid can be removed with just water and mild detergent! 


For more information go to:


Let us know if we can pick up a sample for you, or otherwise we can direct you to a showroom to check it out yourself.


cheers, amber


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