in detail: kitchen remodel

June 22, 2009

Families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen, so it’s important that this room is highly functional.

Hauthaus designers like to be involved right away in a kitchen remodel or new build project. You might be wondering what the process is like for re-designing a kitchen so it’s both beautiful and functional. Well, the typical kitchen remodel goes something like this…

1- concept. Here at hauthaus, the concept is the driving force behind every project. We pride ourselves with being able to figure out each client’s concept so their home is uniquely theirs.

2- schematic design. We start with space planning and find the 3 best scenarios for the space. Once we have the three sketched out, we input them into AutoCAD. Also, we’ll pull some preliminary fabrics and paint the client will get a glimpse of the overall idea.

3- design development. We work out the proposed floor plan, detailed cabinet plans with actual appliance dimensions per client selections, including elevations and detail drawings as required by cabinet maker, and a  kitchen map for storage based on client’s Hauthuas Kitchen Checklist.

4- cabinet meeting/ revisions. We review the proposed cabinets with homeowner and cabinet maker; then make revisions if necessary. Then we present a final drawing package for the contractor and cabinet maker to take to their shops and start demo and building.

5- selections. We pull together an idea for the kitchen finishes, including paint color, cabinet detail, hardware, tile backsplash if applicable, plumbing and lighting based on the design concept.

6- estimates/ orders/ order tracking.

7- installation.

Check out some of our finished kitchen projects… 

St. Paul kitchen

Annandale kitchen

Showcase kitchen

cheers, amber


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