in detail: custom storage pieces by hauthaus

June 16, 2009

What exactly do we mean when we say, “we design custom storage pieces?”

Here is an example of a custom curved vanity with curved marble top we designed for a Master Bath remodel in Minnetonka:

Step 1: First, we always begin with a design concept that is unique to each client; the design concept is what drives the project and gives us direction for everything from paint colors, to plumbing fixtures, to furniture, to accessories… the concept for this project was ‘Waltz’…vanity sketch

Step 2:  Next, we lay out a space plan to determine the size and location of everything.  Once we have that figured out, we sketch an idea for the custom storage pieces, including this curved vanity. (see preliminary sketch at right)

Step 3: Once a sketch has been made and we have an idea of what we want the piece to look like, we draft the piece in detail, in CAD on the computer with dimensions and notes for the cabinet maker.  We then review the drawings with the homeowner and cabinet makervanity draw and revisions are made if neccessary. (see CAD drawing to the right)

Step 4: As soon as everyone is in agreement on the details the drawings are approved and we order and track it throughout it’s production. Custom pieces generally take about 4-6 weeks from time of order to date of installation. (see photo below of the vanity in production)vanity in prodction

Step 5: We are always onsite on  installation day to make sure everything is placed in the right spot and in case the installers have questions that need answering or problems resolved, should any arise.


It is great fun to design a piece, have it made by a craftsperson and see it finished in a space that the homeowners use and love.

finished vanity

cheers, amber


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