how well do you know hauthaUS?

June 12, 2009

…take a look at all the things we do.  my, my we’re busy bodies. 

it’s like a yummy menu at a great restaurant except that we won’t charge you extra for substitutions. 

mix and match our services to suit your needs. 

  • Remodeling design and supervision
  • Work with architect to design new construction or remodel
  • Space plan
  • Hire tradesmen and contractor
  • Project management
  • Specify decorative and finish materials
  • Design cabinetry and storage
  • Design window treatments
  • Design furniture
  • Design lighting
  • Design outdoor living spaces
  • Design rugs, fabrics and wall coverings.  Did you know we can make a fabric for you?
  • Design color plans
  • Design kitchens
  • Design baths
  • Redesign furniture
  • Redesign draperies
  • Edit furniture and collections
  • Art consultation
  • Specify appropriate flowers and arrangement styles
  • Consulting for new home purchase
  • staging for the sale of your home

 we do yoga… we’re flexible.showcase09movingart

-happy friday!   holly


2 Responses to “how well do you know hauthaUS?”

  1. Dad Says:

    Love the blog… nicely done. Especially nice kitchen on the opening page of hauthaus!

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