artist watch: Terri Bloch

June 9, 2009

woman in red

woman in red by Terri Bloch

Terri Bloch is one of hauthaus’ favorite new local artists. Holly discovered her over at the Northrup King Building.  She is delightful!

Terri takes photographs of familiar faces and places and recreates the images on canvas or wood panels with a bold expression of colors and shapes. You can see her large library of artwork on her artist website.

Her work is also on display and for sale in her studio at the Northrup King Building, at Lisan Gallery in West St. Paul, and Three Havens Artworks in Alexandria.

Her artist website is:

The Northrup King Building is located in Northeast Minneapolis, in the heart of the Arts District. It is home for over 170 local artists! It is a great resource to view and shop for artwork, clothing, jewelry, furniture and much more! 

First Thursdays at the NKB: The artists generously open their studio doors for the public to walk through and catch them in action from 5-9pm. (It makes for  a great date night or girls’ night out)

Website for the Northrup King Building:




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