going… going… green!

June 5, 2009

some green tips for a Friday morning…

1. Visit your local library. According to www.thedailygreen.com, “paper is one of the biggest by volume materials in landfills… it’s environmental footprint is enormous, from cutting down trees, to heavy use of water toxic chemicals and engery during processing.

Libraries have many resources from books to magazines to CDS to DVDS. Instead of buying them and then storing them or throwing them away when you are done, check them out from the local library.

It’s a great green activity for a rainy day!

2. Plant a shade tree. Shade trees can reduce the need for Air Conditioning during the summer by 7% to 40%… shaded walls are 9 to 36 degrees cooler!

Here’s an amazing fact from the US Forest Service “…a 1985 study estimated the values of an average 50-year old shade tree as: air conditioning worth $73, soil erosion and stormwater management worth $75, wildlife shelter worth $75, and air pollution control worth $50 — a total of $273. In 1989, a total value of $57,151 was estimated for the life of a typical tree.” Pretty cool stuff I think!

For best results plant shade trees on the west or southwest sides of buildings.

3. Use a reusable bag. An easy way to add a little green to your daily life is using a reusable bag when shopping. Some great options in many styles and colors can be found at www.reusablebags.com.  Some stores are even offering a little discount if you use your own bag. The Rainbow Foods by my house offers 5 cents off your grocery bill for every bag you use!

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