grow your wealth with a little feng shui

May 21, 2009

listen up class!

a little lesson on activating your wealth corner to help your cash flow….

wealth bagua

Your wealth area, according to feng shui, is located in the far left corner of your space- be it a room or your entire house. You can see it demonstrated in this picture.

Here are a few simple suggestions you can use to

activate your wealth area:

  • use purples, reds, and greens in the area
  • hang or frame chinese coins in a group of 3, 6, 0r 8; preferably with a red ribbon connecting all the coins
  • place a water feature or picture of flowing water in the wealth corner- this represents the flow of money, so keep in mind if the waters are calm or strong flowing in the picture
  • place things in groups of threes
  • a plant is always nice, it brings life to the space- also, plants with round leaves look like coins so that’s all the better! (Jade plants are a good choice)

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